Mashup: YouTube, Warner, Paris Hilton

Earlier today I came across a Chartreuse editorial that likens Paris Hilton’s fame to that of YouTube and Digg. Ironically, several hours later, I found a article describing a deal between Warner Music Group and YouTube that manifests the comparison.

The basic premise of the Chartreuse post is that YouTube, like Paris, is a vessel. More important than their respective assets, both YouTube and Paris attract a large “user base”. Details of the YouTube-Warner deal are vague, but apparently in addition to traditional packaged video licenses, YouTube users will receive implicit license to use Warner Music properties in their homegrown creations. In return, Warner will receive a portion of the ad revenue from said content.

Internet phenomena attract free buzz by their very nature – from the old-school Dancing Baby to “All your base are belong to us” to Shoes. If the YouTube-Warner deal goes as planned, Warner’s content and YouTube’s popularity will prove lucrative for both parties.

In order for such an agreement to be successful, YouTube must offer copyright holders assurance that they are able to control their content. The Forbes article alludes to audio/video fingerprinting technology that will allow Warner to (dis)approve of certain uses of it’s content, but it is not clear whether this technology is in place.

Paris is clearly a successful marketing platform. With any luck, YouTube/Warner can enjoy the same success, providing benefits to consumer and copyright holder alike.

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