"I Love Toys", Annotated

VH1 recently aired I Love Toys, top-100 list of toys using the same format as the other “I love…” shows. Inspired by Matthew’s post on Hard Blog Life, I annotated the VH-1 list as well.

Missing Items

First, I’d like to say that I agree with a VH1.com forum poster that the ball is a major omission. Hey, if a bike can make the list, then why not a ball? Also missing from their list: Chinese Checkers, Old Maid, Stratego, Cards, …

Personal Top 5

5. Speak and Spell
4. Stratego (preferably electronic!)
3. Transformers
2. Nintendo Entertainment System
1. Legos

Annotated VH-1 Top 100

100. Magic 8 Ball
99. Thumbalina
98. Dungeons & Dragons
I spent more time collecting dice and books than I did playing, but it still provided hours of OCD fun. I even had a 30-sided and a 100-sided.
97. Spirograph
96. Pong
My neighbor had Pong, complete with wood finish. Many other games try to take credit for the home video game explosion, but they shall all kneel before Pong.
95. Chutes & Ladders
94. Laser Tag
93. Sea Monkeys
92. Remote Control Cars
I had a Porsche 944, and upgraded it with silver stickers.
91. Uno
Much more fun, and colorful, than war.
90. Model Sets
89. BB Guns
88. Care Bears
87. Dominos
86. Ouija Boards
85. My Little Pony
84. Gumby
I had Gumby and Pokey. Not sure how they made this list though.
83. Memory
82. Little Golden Books
81. Wooly Willie
80. Baby Alive
79. Trivial Pursuit
Fun for the whole family.
78. Army Men
77. Stickers
I loved my 80’s-rific hologram and rainbow stickers, but I would call these decorations rather than toys.
76. Balsa Wood Planes
My rubberband always broke, but it was fun when it didn’t.
75. Weeble Wobbles
74. Erector Set
Good concept, but I found the rails and crappy wrench to be unwieldy.
73. Rainbow Brite
72. Color Forms
71. Walkie Talkies
Before there were cell phones… I had an army green set with a morse code beep button.
70. Candy Land
69. Slip & Slide
68. Smurfs
Better cartoon than toy.
67. Tinker Toys
Fun for 10 minutes. How many spokes and cubes can one make?
66. Risk
65. Jig Saw Puzzle
64. Roller Skates
This should be top-50, for sure. Mine attached to my shoes, but they were still a blast.
63. Rubik’s Cube
I graduated from solid faces to bullseyes to taking the thing apart. Great fun.
62. Life
Loved it. I was surprised that others apparently did too.
61. Operation
60. Tickle Me Elmo
59. Simon
I ran through several AA’s on the Radio Shack pocket version, even though it only had four red LED’s where Simon® had huge colorful lights.
58. Madlibs
57. Stretch Armstrong
56. Barrel O’ Monkeys
Like many others, I was surprised to realize this was a game. Amusing, but #56?!
55. Mouse Trap
54. View Master
Maybe the MPAA could reduce piracy if they released movies in the View Master format.
53. He-Man
Stinkor, who actually stunk, and Lock-Jaw were my personal faves. My friend had Castle Greyskull, with the action-crumble tower.
52. Speak & Spell
I can still vividly recall every letter – “Aitch”. Amazing technology for ’83.
51. Lincoln Logs
Not the most flexible toy, but you could make several sizes of log cabin.
50. Gameboy
Gameboy is to portable gaming what 2600 is to console gaming. Any toy popular enough to get banned in school rates high in my book.
49. Clue
48. Little People
Some call them simplistic, but I say it leaves more room for imagination! The garage was sweet. New Little People are too detailed, and are too big to become lodged in one’s throat. Safe is boring!
47. Evel Knievel Action figure
46. Hungry Hungry Hippos
45. Frisbee
44. Raggedy Ann
43. See & Say
42. Jump Rope
41. Transformers
By far, my favorite cartoon-toy franchise. I had more of these than I can remember. I had some Gobots too, which used die-cast metal, but they barely looked like robots when transformed.
40. Big Wheel
Slower than running, but much more fun.
39. Tea Set
38. Pogo Stick
Might as well save yourself the frustration and humiliation – skip trying to pogo and just slam your head on the ground, because I’m convinced these are not meant for mortals.
37. Mattel Classic Football
36. Strawberry Shortcake
35. Tonka Toys
34. Connect Four
33. Ninja Turtles
32. Shrinky Dinks
31. Twister
30. Battleship
29. Cabbage Patch Kids
28. Crayola Crayons
27. Silly Putty
How many toys can make sculptures, bounce, and copy newspapers?
26. Lionel Trains
25. Lite Brite
It loses a bit of it’s magic when you run out of the preprinted construction paper, but it’s still fun to make stuff.
24. Water Guns
23. Nerf
22. Teddy Bear
21. NES
I always wanted a Sega Master System, but I eventually joined the crowd and got a Nintendo. Super Mario Bros and Zelda forever changed my life.
I never had one, but Combat was fun, as was the flickery, square Pac Man.
19. Easy Bake Oven
18. Scrabble
17. Rock’em Sock’em
16. Etch-A-Sketch
15. Match Box/Hot Wheels
14. Bike
Another imposter toy, but I’ll let it slide since I enjoyed my bicycles so much. It really broadens your world when you no longer have to walk everywhere.
13. Snoopy Sno Cone Machine
WTF? How did this thing edge so close to the top 10? Surely the EZ Bake is the more significant and timeless foodmaking toy.
12. Radio Flyer
A great tool-turned-toy. Forget pull – I’d prefer a push, so I could use the makeshift “steering wheel”.
11. Play-Doh
Fun and delicious!
10. Wiffle Ball & Bat
9. Slinky
I don’t know about stair-walking, but it was sure fun to “juggle” stretch, etc.
8. Yo-Yo
7. Star Wars Figures
6. Monopoly
5. Mr. Potato Head
4. G.I. Joe
This should have been #1! Fun for girls and boys, Legos provide a platform for any scenario you’d like to create.
2. Barbie
Not my preference, but my wife assures me that they deserve to be this high on the list.
1. Hula Hoop
This fad does not deserve first place! Top 50, maybe, but who seriously remembers hula-hooping for hours on end?
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4 Responses to “"I Love Toys", Annotated”

  1. Matthew says:

    “skip trying to pogo and just slam your head on the ground” HAHAHA!

    Hilarious stuff! I liked your rendition of this post tremendously!

    On a side note, that crappy erector set wrench: I recently had to put together a piece of exercise equiptment and the only tool they gave you was a similar, extremely cheap wrench. It took forever. When I finally finished putting that thing together, I realized that there was a toolbox in the garage…Oh well.

    Anyhoo, cool blgo and thanks for the link!

  2. JonnyRo says:

    Agreed, the hula hoop was such a disappointment when I got to the end of the show.

    Lego’s, especially the Technics sets, were a huge part of my childhood. The complex models that took many hours to build were my favorite, especially the sports car with the visible moving pistons in a V8, as well as independant front suspension.

    Simon was also a pretty fun game. I had the full sized version and played it quite a bit.

    As for the gameboy, I borrowed a friends a few times, but never got into it. The NES with such classics as Kirby’s Adventures and Rad Racer, plus Spyhunter, Top Gun, and Cobra Triangle were huge with me.

    I never got into Erector sets. In middle school the science teacher bought some HUGE lego kits with technics and normal pieces as well as motors. I loved it. I had a huge amount of legos at home, evidenced by my mother constantly complaining about stepping on the tiny little pieces as she walked through the house.

    Four wheelers would also make my top list. For most of my childhood I had one type of four wheeler or another.

    My favorite video game of all time is Zelda on the Super NES

  3. Care Bears and My little pony are the best..


  4. My Little Ponies were way better than hula hoops (at least for us girls…)

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