Props and Patches: WordPress theme "Lush"

When looking for a WordPress theme, it wasn’t long before I happened upon Lush, a theme that Jeriko ported from Typo. This beautiful theme features AJAX searches and an attractive color scheme, and quickly became my hands-down choice. Many thanks to the original Lush Typo theme from and Jeriko’s faithful port. In the spirit of Creative Commons By-NC, I made a couple of changes…

I experienced duplicate HTML headers displayed by single.php when viewing individual posts, and I also got PHP “headers already sent” errors due to extraneous carriage returns at the end of functions.php. I also disabled the ladybugs, added orange RSS icons to the sidebar, and added a style-corrected calendar.

Here is my hack-job of a patch; sorry I haven’t better documented, or verified XHTML compliance, but I’m currently of the mentality post first, and ask questions later: lush-nathan.patch. Good night, and good luck x-)

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One Response to “Props and Patches: WordPress theme "Lush"”

  1. JonnyRo says:

    I really like the theme. I was a big wordpress fan back on my old blog. I finally got frustrated at dealing with comment spam and switched to blogger.

    I know wordpress had new upgrades out to mitigate the problem, but I wasnt posessing of much free time when the decision to change was made.

    I also especially like the “leave url” clicker. Very cool.

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